If your prevention service has forced you to provide masks to your staff. In fact, companies are obliged to provide them in sectors such as hotels and restaurants. If one of your workers refuses to put on a mask:

  • Ask him to justify his refusal. In this sense, it is valid that some people with respiratory problems do not wear a mask. Note. However, in that case, your employee will not be able to provide services. (because it will be in breach of a preventive measure set by your prevention service), so you should initiate a process of temporary disability (IT).
  • If your employee does not justify complaints and refuses to wear the mask, notify him or her in writing (if you have not already done so). That way, your disobedience will be documented. If he insists on not wearing a mask, sanction him for disobedience and prevent him from entering the centre (otherwise he would put the rest of the staff at risk). This absence is not remunerated as it is attributable to the employee.