We advise and manage legacies, wills and international inheritances. We are fully capable, with extensive contacts and knowledge of international law. Our value is to offer close and reliable legal advice services, and to accompany you throughout the process so that the management is carried out with all the security and confidence.


Procedures and advice in reference to the field of Inheritance both nationally and internationally:

  • Application for death certificate
  • Request for a certificate of last will and testament
  • Preparation of Inheritance Tax as well as its liquidation.
  • Capital gains
  • Other procedures related to this area


Procedures and advice in reference to the field of inheritance both nationally and internationally:

  • Inheritance tax strategy for family or corporate wealth, both inter vivos and mortis causa, in relation to inheritance tax.
  • Rent Preparation
  • Preparation of Inheritance Tax as well as its liquidation.
Today’s society is characterized by being global, where people from different nationalities live together in the same territory. This situation has allowed us to specialize in the management and processing of international inheritances. Due to the legal complexity involved in advising, managing and processing inheritances with an international component, it is necessary to rely on the advice and assistance of a team of professional experts who are solidly trained in the field. internationalinheritance, is undoubtedly one of the most complex scenarios for heirs. Almost all countries contemplate in their laws, which are competent in case he was a national or resident, which leads us to a very complicated situation of duplicity of competence.

Estate Planning

  • Compilation of the binding regulations for the particular case of the different countries concerned.
  • Tax advice on wealth management
  • Study of “inter vivos” donations
  • Study and preparation of wills
  • Guidance opinions
  • Appointment of executors and guardians