We are aware of the important effort involved in the beginning of any project. Therefore, in Ficotrec we help those entrepreneurs who are planning to open a new business by offering our express company incorporation service.

Although in recent years the steps to follow have become much easier, there are still some requirements that need technical knowledge. We take care of all the paperwork to create a Limited Company in 24 hours.

Companies incorporated under the express procedure will be micro-SMEs with certain characteristics:

  • Its share capital may not exceed 3,100 euros.
  • The statutes will have a fixed wording, established by the Ministry of Justice and with very limited corporate objects. Under no circumstances may these be modified in any way.
  • All members must be natural persons.
  • The administrative body may only be a single administrator, several administrators with joint and several powers or two administrators with joint powers.

Once the company has been registered, the registrar will formalize this registration within seven hours, the AEAT will be notified, after which it will communicate the assignment of the definitive CIF to the notary and the registry telematically.

If the characteristics fit the company model you want to create, the express company formation saves time and money.