Advantages to develop a Business or Professional activity in Spain.

There are several reasons why it is more advantageous to have the activity with a permanent address in Spain without having to be a resident.

  • The contribution to the Social Security for the Entrepreneur or Professional is made according to tables, being able to choose from a minimum of 255,86 ¤ to a maximum of 1.020,86 ¤, unlike in France that is calculated according to the volume of operations.
  • The corporate tax rate is lower at 24%.
  • If the employer or professional resides close to the border, he can take advantage of the cross-border workers agreement, i.e. he would pay in Spain for the profits of the company and for his work remuneration he would pay in France, which is the most beneficial way.
  • It could continue to work with its current customers in France, as an intra-Community operator.
  • In order to make this decision it is essential to make an individualized study of the situation of each Entrepreneur or Professional.