In the online sale of physical products, two cases can be found when applying VAT depending on the destination where the sale is made.

In case of a sale within Spain the corresponding VAT will be the Spanish VAT.

If the sale is made in another country of the European Union, you can choose between the VAT that corresponds to the customer’s country or the Spanish VAT, as long as the annual sales in each country do not exceed the established limit.

In order to be able to invoice with VAT from another EU country, a tax representative must be appointed in that country and periodically submit the corresponding declarations, which will be quarterly or monthly depending on the volume of sales made.

Our long experience allows us to carry out these procedures with total guarantee in any country of the European Union.

We efficiently manage the necessary services for our clients.

Germany 100.000 EUR Latvia 35.000 EUR
Austria 35.000 EUR Lithuania 35.000 EUR
Belgium 35.000 EUR Luxembourg 100.000 EUR
Bulgaria 70,000 BGN Malta 35.000 EUR
Cyprus 35.000 EUR Netherlands 100.000 EUR
Denmark 280,000 DKK Poland 160,000 PLN
France 35.000 EUR
(January 2016)
Portugal 35.000 EUR
Estonia 35.000 EUR Czech Republic 1.140.000 CZK
Finland 35.000 EUR Romania 35.000 EUR
Greece 35.000 EUR United Kingdom 70,000 GBP
Hungary 8.800.000 HUF Slovakia 1.500.000 SKK
Ireland 35.000 EUR Slovenia 35.000 EUR
Italy 35.000 EUR Swede 320,000 SEK