A new benefit, called “minimum living income”, has been approved for people on low incomes. The main features of the service are:

  • 461.50 per month (in 12 instalments) for an adult living alone. If it is a cohabitation unit (people who live together, united by family ties or as a common-law couple, up to the second degree), the rent is set for the cohabitation unit and the amount depends on the number of people, whether there are minors…
  • The benefit is the difference between the person’s monthly income and the guaranteed income indicated.
  • To be entitled to the benefit, the person must be between 23 (or 18 if they have children) and 65 years old; they must have been legally resident in Spain for at least one year; they must have lived independently for at least one year in the case of families and three years in the case of single people; they must have an income of at least ten euros per month less than the guaranteed income (the benefit is compatible with a job); and they must have less wealth than that established by law.