Companies move billions of euros a day in operations, amassing fortunes that exceed the GDP of many countries. Spanish companies are no exception and some of the largest companies in Spain manage to place themselves in the lists of the richest in the world.

To find out the position of the top 500,000 Spanish companies according to their latest registered sales, there is the National Business Ranking. This list is the most useful tool and with it these are the companies at the top of the ranking:

  1. Inditex: Apparel retailer with a current value of about $96.91 billion.
  2. Banco Santander: Spain’s largest financial institution is worth $76.82 billion.
  3. Telefónica: The telecommunications company is worth $71.72 billion.
  4. BBVA: Financial institution with a value of 60.86 billion dollars.
  5. Iberdrola: Spain’s largest energy company with a value of $60.67 billion.
  6. Caixabanc: Financial institution with a value of 59.85 billion dollars.
  7. Repsol: Spain’s largest oil company with a value of 58.30 billion dollars.
  8. Gas Natural: Energy company with a value of 46 billion dollars.
  9. Endesa: Energy company with a value of 44.48 billion dollars.
  10. Amadeus: Company dedicated to the provision of technology solutions for the travel industry with a stock market value of 40.67 billion dollars.

Of the companies that make up this ranking we can highlight that 17.29% are companies from Madrid, followed by companies from Barcelona with 13.45% and companies from Valencia with 5.87% of the total. The main sectors of activity that make up the national ranking of companies are: Restaurants and food stalls (3.72% of the total), Construction of residential buildings (3.33% of the total), Rental of real estate for own account (3.12% of the total), and Transport of goods by road (2.88% of the total).