The Treasury of Gipuzkoa is going to implement a new VAT management system from 1 January 2018, based on the Immediate Supply of Information (SII), so that each taxpayer will provide the Treasury with the invoice records that make up the VAT Books telematically and in real time, just as the Tax Agency will be doing from 1 July.


The Treasury estimates that in Gipuzkoa around 1,400 taxpayers will be included in this system, as it will be compulsory for all business people, professionals and other VAT taxpayers who submit monthly VAT returns. These are taxpayers registered in the VAT Monthly Refund Register, those registered in the Special Regime for Groups of Entities and individuals and taxpaying entities whose volume of transactions in the previous year exceeds six million euros. Similarly, other taxpayers who file VAT returns will also be able to use this system voluntarily.


The intention of the Treasury, with this new system of immediate information collection is to be more effective in its fight against fraud, having at its disposal all the possible information of the commercial transactions that are made, these data can be crossed with the rest of the Treasury, so they consider that it will be an effective tool.


On the other hand, it will allow companies under this regime not to have to file informative declarations, as they have been doing to date, such as forms 340 and 347. They also intend in the future to eliminate the obligation to file a VAT return, as the Treasury will issue the returns with the data received.