This is an issue that is not usually given importance when hiring the services of a Property Administrator by a Community of Property Owners. There is a certain controversy, between the Associations of Property Administrators and the judicial sentences, on the obligatory nature of being a member of the Association of Property Administrators, but there is no doubt about the guarantees that a member of the Association of Property Administrators can offer.

During the crisis, we have witnessed a number of cases in which professionals dedicated to the administration of estates, in times of economic insolvency have used for their own purposes, the money of the communities they were in charge of, forcing the owners to go to court to recover their money, and not in all cases have been able to recover, due to the insolvency of the Property Manager.

There have also been many cases in which the Administrators presented overestimated budgets (inflated budgets) with the connivance of the suppliers of works or services, with whom they have agreed commissions for the adjudication.

Another worrying issue is the civil liability insurance, not all the administrators have it contracted, so they have no one to answer for them.

The Associations are also in charge of the continuous training of their members, of signing collaboration agreements with insurance companies and financial entities to obtain better conditions for the Owners of the Communities.

For all this, it is important to be careful when hiring a Property Administrator, the fact that he is a member of a professional association is a guarantee, it is also important when quoting or contracting a work or service, not to leave the choice of suppliers to the Administrator, but to mark clearly to which professionals he has to ask for quotes, in order to avoid having a previous commercial or contractual link with them, also to demand a civil liability insurance, with an adequate premium is a necessary question.