International consultancy – cross-border

Usually, businessmen and professionals who cross the border to carry out their activity have many doubts regarding tax, labor and legal issues. Our consulting firm has been responding to all these issues for a long time, as we are familiar with the laws of both countries.

One of the most frequent questions is when a businessman or professional moves to another country to deliver goods
or services, what rate of VAT or TVA must he apply, if any? Also, labor issues and requirements for sending workers to another country frequently raise questions.

In addition, businessmen who want to start a new business in the neighbouring country and do not see clearly how to do it legally, what taxes are to be paid, what are the obligations, what capital is needed, etc.
All these issues are resolved by our international consultancy, working exclusively with each client, and always
looking out for your interests.

Residency in Spain for French people Advantages of developing a business or professional activity in Spain. There are several reasons why it is more advantageous to have the activity with a permanent address in Spain without having to be a resident.

• The contribution to the Social Security for a businessman or a professional is based on certain tables, with a choice from a minimum of € 255.86 up to € 1,020.86, unlike in France where it is calculated according to the volume of operations.
• The tax rate on corporate income tax is 24% lower.
• If the businessman or professional resides near the border, he is eligible for an agreement for cross-border workers, i.e. paying for the company profit in Spain and for his salary in France is the most beneficial way.
• You could continue to work with existing customers in France, as an intracommunity operator.
• To make this decision, it is essential to undertake a personalized study of the situation of each businessman or

Distance sales over the Internet Companies that sell at distance in other member countries of the EU and exceed a minimum of sales are required to register for VAT, appoint a representative in the member country recipient of its
sales and charge VAT in the country of destination. The sales threshold to move to the distance selling system is as follows: